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Shopping wine we are constantly bombarded with the same wines on sale while having limited access to new wines in the store or online. 

That had to change. We got sick of sales and overpriced wine. Therefore we set to remove all intermediaries to create the purest form of shopping wine – directly from the wine maker.

This allows for the best & lowest price possible. You now have a wide range of wine available at your fingertips! Fantastic

It’s super simple! Your order is sent to the winery while at the same time pickup of your order is booked. 2 days later the wines are picked up and within 8 days from that point your wine is delivered. 

What about taxes and duties? We take care of that for you. 

We will cover all costs should we be unlucky that the wine is damaged at arrival. 

A free market with no constraints for us as customers and none for the wine makers.
Imagine a platform where the prices are always the lowest possible and where we can help you find the wines you prefer. That is what we have created. 

Use our Wine Finder to find the wine you like. You can even optimize your shipping and obtain a better bottle price! We pass on the saving in logistics if you want to purchase more than 6 bottles from a wine maker.

No constraints, no bad grapes, just great wine!

Let’s be straight up. If you purchase a meal or a drink that isn’t too your liking it’s a learning. The same applies to theCoWine. We will do our utmost to offer the tools for you to find the wines you love and help you with what food to pair it with.

However, we will refund you for the wine + expenses if you open a bottle within 14 dyas of receiving it and the bottle has gone bad. Any breakage during transportation is also covered by our Refund Policy. 

Never. The price includes the ex-cellar price, our tiny margin, VAT, logistics and excise duties, if applicable. 

What you see is what you pay – delivered straight to your door!