Terms & Conditions


When you shop at theCoWine.com all transactions are submitted in English. You will receive an order confirmation when we receive your order. Your order is shared with the winery where they get 48 hours to prepare your wines. From that point on you can expect to receive your wines within 8 days. 


Prices are adjustet to match the local currency. Prices also include shipping, VAT and Excise Duty if applicable. Meaning, there are no added costs. 


Transaction: theCoWine welcomes payment with VISA, VISA Debet, Mastercard, JCB and MobilePay.
If you wish to cancel an order  just contact us at ContactUs@thecowine.com with the order confirmation code and name. 


Wines will be delivered straight to your door. Should you have any issues with breakage please contact at ContactUs@thecowine.com – we will replace or refund the wine(s) according to our Refund Policy. You will receive a message via email or telephone with instructions for determining the date and time of delivery.
Deliveries are estimated. Due to potential logistical challenges your order may be delayed. 
theCoWine.com is not responsible for any potential delivery delays. 98% of all orders are delivered within the 10 days.

Right of Return

You have 2 weeks of right of return. This is if there were problems with the product at the time of delivery; this includes if the wine has gone bad or damage to the bottle to the point where it will affect the wine. We will either refund or replace the wines – your decision. Cost of return shipping will be covered by theCoWine.com.
The right of return does not include if the wine is not your favorite. This marketplace helps you explore new wineries and wines – all which have been verified before entering the marketplace.