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Bodega Miquel Jané

The Bodega has a long history, dating back to 1888. Today the siblings Bernadette and Joseph Miquel are running the winery that is committed to excellence. Farming is executed organically (certified) and with minimal...

ZINIO Bodegas

In the small village of Uruñuela in Rioja Alta (DOCa), of just 967 inhabitants, we find ZINIO Bodegas. The 450 hectares are treated the most sustainable way possible. Over 200 families have made their...

Bodegas Yllera & Viñedos

Ribera del Duero
Bodegas Yllera was founded in 1970 in Rueda. Siblings Jesus and Pépe Yllera were fifth generation winemakers at the time. It was the Verdejo grape that was ifocus to begin with, as they were...

RULEI Winery

RULEI is managed by Adrián Moreno Llorente, located in Rioja Alta. The philosophy is clear, sustainable viticulture is the way forward. The family winery was excavated in 1890 and has recently been handed down...

UKAN Winery

Koldo Eguren is fifth generation of a wine producing family. He is leading the project in Rioja Alavesa where he wants to translate the landscape into a bottle of wine. All 9.5 hecatares are...

Bodegas Perica

With 150 hectares spread across Rioja Alta, the towns of Cenicero, Briones, Bañares, Rodezno and Haro, Bodega Perica produces wine of grapes from several micro climates. The oldest vines are over 60 years old,...

Bodegas Viñas Tintas Capellanias

"For me, oenology is an art that allows me to transform, with my hands, a fruit such as grapes, into something special with life, such as wine, that tries to attract your attention. At...

Bodega Flors

Vicente Flors Martí is always looking to create a balance between the soil, environment, climate, grape varities and the production for his unique wines. Bodega Flors is located in the region of Castellón. It...

Bodegas Franco-Españolas & Bodegas Valparaíso

One Winemaker, 2 Wineries, 2 Regions. Two wineries from two top regions have 1 thing in common: Rubén Proveda. What a fantastic one. Ruben's background includes technical qualifications in chemistry, oenology and viticulture. To...