Anabasis Winery

Description / History

While studying archeology Michelangelo Alagna dreamt of something else. He puts the studies on hold to follow his true passion for winemaking. Michelangelo took a degree in oenology and started Anabasis after some years of work experience.
The 15 hectares of vineyard are located close to the coast in the Marsala region. Only indigenous varieties are cultivated to bring the best out of the region through wine.

Michelangelo applies his knowledge of classical studies when creating the company. Naming the company and labels of the wines are indeed Greek inspired.
The approach to winemaking is low intervention. None of the wines go through oxidation as it pulls out the fragrants. Katharsis and Pathei Mathos ar unfiltered and the rest are light filtered. Michelangelo considers his wine Natural Wine, however not to the extreme.

Wines from Sicily are some of the most unique and fragrant in the world. For exampne, white wines goes from being fruity to minerally, showing some salty traits. The terroir combined with the sea and heat shapes the wines of Anabasis.