Description / History

Baglio Diar is a family run project located at the Western coast of Sicily: Marsala. Nicola and Bagio Di Girolamo (Son & Father) are the founders of the winery. Their approach is to run the vineyards fully organic without the use of contaminations. We love the ambition and so does the EU Parliament as Baglio Diar have received PDO, PGI and TSG certificates.

The vineyards cover 120 hecatares of which the soil is mainly loam. The proximation to the sea offers a cooling breeze to keep the crops healthier during the hot summers, and it add saltiness to the wine. Looking at the Grillo and Inzolia grapes, they are located closer to the sea as they benefit from the salinity. Zibibbo and other red greapes are growing on slopes at different altitudes that fits the day and night temperatures, as it helps build the acidity, bring out the aromas and provides fresher and more elegant wines.

Baglio Diar is a great place to explore the tradition and range of beautiful Sicilian wines.