Barcza Cellars

Description / History

The Cellars situated on Somló Hill is run by the family of Judit and Balint. Winemaking has been running in both families since the 1800s. Balint is a winemaker by blood, considered by locals and wine lovers a founding member of the future of Somló wine.
Judit’s great-great-grandfather and his brother were actually the first qualified winemakers in the region. Pioneers.

The terroir is amongst the most outstanding volcanic wine regions. The hill is a dormant volcano and terroir mainly made out of basalt. It produces wines rich in minerals – it is apparent in these great wines! The uniqueness of this volcanic region is well recognized. Judit and Balint are often visited by journalists and sommeliers wanting a taste of their volcanic wines.

The 4 acres of volcanic infield land is cultivated using organic practices. No selected yeast are used, all processes are natural and only spontaneaous fermentation is applied.
The grapes grown on the 4 acres are ancient Hungarian varieties; Furmint, Juhfark, Hárslevelú and Olaszrizling
Some of the wines are rated amongst the best in Hungary. The wines are sold in the best restaurants in Budapest; 3 of 4 Michelin Star restaurants offers the wines.