Bodega Miquel Jané

Description / History

The Bodega has a long history, dating back to 1888. Today the siblings Bernadette and Joseph Miquel are running the winery that is committed to excellence. Farming is executed organically (certified) and with minimal intervention. All wines have low sulphite count (less than/close to 75ppm). Due to the approach, Bernadette and Joseph focus on quality over quantity. As they state: We are running a farm, not a factory.

Bernadette and Joseph are the 4th generation of family running the estate. The cousisn Antonio Jane Formosa and Josefa Pascual Formosa began the winemaking when they acquired the farm. Back then focus was quantityæ Bulk wine was produced by the cousins and they exported most of it to Spanish Cuba. A different branch of the family owned the frigates necessary to transport the wines to Spanish Cuba. You can even find a painting at the Naval Museum in Barcelona that depicts the frigate named Remedio Pascual Formosa.