Bodegas Yllera & Viñedos

Description / History

Bodegas Yllera was founded in 1970 in Rueda. Siblings Jesus and Pépe Yllera were fifth generation winemakers at the time. It was the Verdejo grape that was ifocus to begin with, as they were attracted to the potential of the Verdejo grape in the region. They began collaborating with renowned wine expert Ramón Martinez from the Rioja region (who’s son is the current winemaker). Since then, Bodegas Yllera have expanded owning vineyards in several regions and producing wines under several labels.

The vineyards are spread across several regions in the North and North-Western part of Spain. D.O Toro, D.O Rueda, D.O Ribera del Duero and D.O Rioja. Additionally the family works with local farmers as well to ensure the right quality and quantity for their wine production.

Yllera Collection
The collection of Yllera wines are based on grapes from Ribera del Duero and Toro. It includes tributes to the Founders of the company – a very important collection to the family.

Meraldis Collection
Inspired by the emerald jewel (considered the queen of gems) the family produces a classic Ribera del Duero red wines (Tempranillo) and a Rueda white wine (Verdejo) wines under this label. They are sophisticated, hedonistic wines (fine wines).

Coelus Collection
This collection origins from D.O Rioja. It began as a joint-venture between Ramón Martinez in 1980 and is now managed by his son, Montxo Martinez. Ramón and Montxo are experts of their land in La Rioja, why this is a very fruitful collaboration for both wineries.

Boada Collection
Grapes used for this collection origin from D.O Ribera del Duero and D.O Rueda. Wines are created using traditional techniques, fermenting the juice in concrete tanks. The wines are very expressive of the terroir of the 2 regions.