Cantina Buglioni

Description / History

About half of the production from Buglioni goes to more ‘famous’ wineries. From 54 hectares in Valpolicella bottles 280.000 wines under the Buglioni label.
It started in 1993 where Alfredo Buglioni purchased a farmhouse in the center of Valpolicella Classico. Back then, the property came with 4 hectares of vinyard.

In the 2000s it changed for Alfredo. Releasing his first Amarone in 2004 Alfredo was out knocking on doors. As he was considered a hobby winemaker he was not taken seriously. So he took it in his own hands and renovated a store downtown Verona into a wine bar.

Buglioni is now producing 9 wines. Reds are the stars. Six wines have also wont 90-plus points in Wine Spector tastings, which speaks to the quality of Buglioni wines.