Description / History

In the village of Parada in Trás-os-Montes Casa do Joa produces some fantastic wines. Grapes are grown on vines +130 years old, producing some beautifully structured and balanced wines. Most of the wines are sold to Michelin Star restaurants in Portugal and Spain. Only about 1000 bottles are produced of the white and rosé, why you now have an exceptional opportunity getting your hands on some of these bottles.

Parada is a small town of 300 people. This is a place where time stands still, yet a place where people from the community have an impact on Casa DO-JOA. It is a place of tradition, family, heritage and values most Western countries have forgotten. It is a community where everyone helps everyone. Without the help in the vineyard, or helping rebuilding the cellar, there would be no Casa DO-JOA.

The mix of grapes used to produce the wines is very interesting. There is about 20 different grapes growing amongst each other. Due to the age of the vines it is possible to find 2 different grape varieties on the same vine! This is why these wine are complex and unique. Jorge Ortega Afonso (JOA) is the winemaker and producer of these high quality wines. He is able to capture the characteristics of the region and culture in a bottle. Magic.
Enjoy these unique, high quality wines.

Jorge also works with Master of Portuguese Wine, Sommelier Mike Taylor. This is a personality with an abundance of experience in the world of wine. Book him to take you through the best kept secret of Portugal.


Medalhas Sommeliers Choice Awards USA 2020
​Tinto 2016 & Branco 2018
Gold: Alto DO-JOA Red
Silver: Alto DO-JOA White

Medalhas do concurso VinDouro 2020
​Tinto 2016
Gold: Alto DO-JOA Red