Cascina La Badia

Description / History

Cascina La Badia is a farmhouse (Cascina in Italian means farmhouse) built in 1898. The area near the farm has since long been called Badia because it was owned by Montegrosso convent that had its vineyards here. Badia in Italian is one of the ways to call Abbey or monk’s properties.

The soil, from marine sedimentary origin, is rich in calcareous marl colored grayish-white with veins of yellow sand gives to the wines elegancy and character.

Cascina La Badia has been producing high quality wine since the late 1800. We obtained ownership in 2012. Who are we? Friends, wine lovers, who are a bit stubborn and a little crazy: Alberto Ruggerone, Pierangelo Ruggerone, Marcello Mazza and Ivon Picollo. No one was born here but territory adopted us.

Cascina La Badia grows vine with passion (but without herbicide!) and accuracy, the majority of works in vineyard are made by hands, including harvest.

We love to have a “Montegrosso’s sip” in the glass and for have it in cellar we don’t guide wine but we follow grapes natural vocation. Cascina La Badia’s wines are the natural expression of territory.

We’re lucky to live in a so beautiful place and we want to share this chance with you, through the glass!