Champagne Brigitte Beaufort

Description / History

Brigitte Beaufort runs the family estate in Bouzy. By her side are her children Anne-Louise and Pierre-Herbert. From the estate acquired in 2008, Brigitte produces a maximum of 6.000 bottles per year. With the odds against her, growing up a non-Champagne winemaker, the enthusiasm and attention to detail is drilled into every bit of her work. Each bottle has aged 7 years in the cellars and is numbered.
The naming of the wines is based on the DNA of the estate: Passion, Harmonie, Amour, Liberté & Bonheur. You will find small details on the bottles, all having a meaning to the principles of Birgitte.

Each year the Vintages are reconsidered. Brigitte only selects the best grapes from her Bouzy estate, creating mico cuvées cellared for more than 7 years.
Sustainability is of great importance to the family. The biodiversity has been rewarded and the vineyards are being turned full organic. Herbicides and phytosanitary products are strictly forbidden.

With this, Brigitte, Anne-Louise and Pierre-Herbert are building the Bouzy Champagne of tomorrow.