Fratelli Berlucchi

Description / History

“Everyone is different, all united by the same name”. Marcello Berlucchi

In the heart of Franciacorta, Borgonato di Cortefranca, we find Azienda Agricola Fratelli Berlucchi. Here 70 hectares of DOCG and DOC vineyards are owned by a family counting 5 siblings; Francesco, Gabriella, Marcello, Roberto and Pia.

Since 1927 the family has been producing wine, and was rist enrolled in the DOC Franciacorta in 1967. The grapes grown here are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc. Fratelli Berlucchi is one fo the oldest and best preserved cellars in Franciacorta. It still has its authentic vaults from the 1300s. Here you see original depictions of agricultural work, flowers and ribbons.

Franciacorta is the first Italian Brut produced solely through the re-fermentation in the bottle. It is indeed a special wine that requires time. 7 months after harvest yeasts are added to the base of the wine and bottling then takes place.