Hernyák Estate

Description / History

Hernyák Estate is operated by the Hernyák Family. Valéria, Laci and Tomi lived in Northern Serbia before they moved to the Etyek wine region in 1993. Working amongst locals the family fell in love with the process of creating wine. In the past 25 years the estate has developed implementing new technology, yet keeping the estate natural and cozy.

In 2015 the approach in the vineyard was changed. Going into organic farming means there is more than just not spraying. Implementation of renewable energy, sustainable energy management and composting also rimes on organic.

The Hernyák Family owns 7 hectares of land. The soil is chalky and the continental-like micro climate offers excellent conditions for vine growing.

Rent a car next time in Budapest and go visit the family and try their homemade Pálinka as well!