Honrado Vineyards

Description / History

Wine like the Romans? Talha wine is a concept from Roman times of producing wine in massive clay pots. Grapes are destemmed, crushed and poured into a big talha (clay pot). Skins float atop during fermentation. The talhas must be stirred each day for 5 minutes for 45 days.
When fully fermented skins will fall to the bottom and provide a natural filter when it is ready to tap the wine.
Locals claim talha wine has more vitamins, more aroma and body.

The estate is currently run by António Honrado (father) and Ruben Honrado (son). Ruben was out traveling some years to discover other parts of the world. António, manager of the famous restaurant País das Uvas, had already been making wine for more than 15 years. António wanted to share Vinho de Talha with the world why he teamed up with Ruben.

Ruben and his family also welcomes tourism. Cella Vinaria Antiqua is a museum that shares the knowledge of this ancient winemaking technique. You should definitely plan a small trip to visit Ruben next time in Portugal.