Kvaszinger Winery

Description / History

It is quite the story of how Kvaszinger acquired their vineyards. The Grandfather of the current owner Lászlo was a smart man. in 1929 the Grandfather worked for a Baron in the wine region of Tokaj. A night the Baron lost the money he brought with him in a drunken game of cards. He called upon a steward to bring him more money – but there was not enough left. However, he mentioned the Grandfather was ready to purchase 4 hectars of vineyard and could pay in cash.
The drunken Baron hesitated shortly but agreed to the offer.

Today Lászlo and the Kvaszinger Family owns 8,5 hectares of land. They grow 3 types of grapes: Furmint, Hársleveű and Sárgamuskotály

We have two product categories. The basic items (Tokaj Dry, Sárgamuskotály, Late harvest) are reductive ones and are made in stainless steel tanks. Our goal with these products to make easily understandable wines for a wide amount of consumers. These wines have fresh-friuty, easy drinking stlye that fits for every day.

The other product category is for premium wines, which are made for winelovers who are looking for high quality products.

Tokaj wine is fantastic, so are Lászlo’s wines. Enjoy


Kvaszinger ‘Relique’ Aszú
2019 Decanter World Wine Awards: Gold medal
2019 Vinagora international wine competition: Gold medal
2019 Hungarian national wine competition: Gold medal

Kvaszinger Superior Furmint
Sommelier Wine Awards 2020: Silver medal