La Montagnetta

Description / History

Domenico Capello, also known as Mimmo. He began is working life at the Italian State Railway, but realized this is not the life he was aiming for. Therefore, he took the ONAV tasting course (National Organization of Wine Tasters) and began to cultivate and make wine from a small vineyard. The target was set; to become a professional wine maker. He obtained land in the hills of Asti, Roatto, but also got some vineyards in Piová Massia and San Paolo Solbrito. These are the lands of Freisa, Barbera and Bonarda.

Today Mimmo’s two white wines are based on Viognier or Chardonnay. His reds and rosé are based on Barbera and Freisa.
Looking for great wines at better prices than other Piemonte producers, Mimmo has got you covered.