Quinta do Ferro

Description / History

Quinta do Ferro is a family project run by Micaela Ferro. It is located on the right bank of the Douro River, in a sub-region of Vinho Verde. It is what you will refer to as a mountain winery.
Today Micaela is the top reference for sparkling wine in the Vinho Verde region. She has been working tirelessly since 1999 in the mountanious terrain to earn this label.

The main grape used in the sparkling wine of Quinta do Ferro is Avesso. It is similar to Alvarinho (Albariño) and produces wine of grapefruit and peach notes.
Other grapes used in the sparkling wines include Arinto (Portulgal’s finest white grape) and Vinhâo. They are all harder-to-ripen white grapes, why they work well in the sunny, mountanious sub-region.

The wines of Quinta do Ferro have received great reviews from some of the greatest critics of the world; Robert Parker and Sarah Ahmed.

If there is sparkling wine to try from Portugal, they come from Quinta do Ferro.