Description / History

The winery is located in the far North East of the Apulia region, in South East Italy. Sacco Winery is run by Matteo and Alessandro today. The winery was created 20 years ago by a man named Vincenzo Sacco. Vincenzo operated the farm organically as he dreamed of providing an identity to the wines of this unknown sub-region. He also knew he had to invest in the future.

So he put Matteo in the studies of oenology in one of the best Italian agricultural and oenologist institutes. On top of that, Matteo specialized working in some of the best Italian cellars in Tuscany, Trentino and Apulia.
Alessandro was 9 years younger, so when the time came he studies economy and management, while gaining international work experience.

The 20 hectares of vineyards are treated with a sustainable, organic approach – no chemicals are used! Mateo and Alessandro keep pushing the sustainable values engrained in them, inherited from their father. Grapes cultivated includes Bombino Bianco, Malvasia di Candia, Nero di Troia and Falanghina.