Tasca conti d’Almerita

Description / History

Tasca conti d’Almerita is an institution of Italian and Sicilian wine. Dating back to 1830 when the brothers Don Lucio and Don Carmelo Mastrogiovanni Tasca purchased the fields of Regaliali and Almerita – the latter is what you have access to via theCoWine.
As history unfolded the winery became one of the most prestigious and important wineries in Italy – and even is today!

There has always been very strict rules regarding what grapes could be used in viticulture in Sicily. This, however, changed in 1979 when Lucio Tasca, in all secrecy, decided to plant a few rows of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. At the time is was strictly forbidden however, Lucio one evening at the dinner table brought a wine to the table to show his father. The father tasted the wine and loved it! He asked Lucio who made this wine and to his suprise it was the Tasca family! The father became very upset with Lucio however, the following day he decided to address the Board of Sicilian Wine. Knowing the respect around the Tasca name and influence he possed the strict laws were challenged. From that day onwards, growing international grape varieties on Sicily was legalized.

Sicily is know for the volcanic soils that are rich in mineral element and marine soils of various textures. The climate ranges from temperate to subtropical.
The Tasca family is very involved in maintaining the soils of Sicily, why they only apply sustainable vineyard management practices. No chemical weeding is allowed, while there is a high focus on biodiversity and eco-friendly materials in the vineyard.