Vignobles Chatonnet

Description / History

Testimonies from the 1800th on Bordeaux viticulture mentiones Chatonnet as an acting member of its development. “… the Chatonnets at la Madeleine were the initiators of the new viticulture in upper Saint-Emilion.”. Together with other great Bordeaux family the Chatonnet family worked in synergy to create the level of great wines coming out of Bordeaux.
After the war in in 1945 the conditions of many vineyards were poor. Arthur Delcombel (father of Jeanine) purchased a plot from Chäteau Ripeau called Troquart and turned it into a nursery. In 1961 it was turned into a vineyard by André Chatonnet. This vineyard is located in Saint-Emilion and today produces the wine L’Archange on 100% Merlot grapes.

In 1967 Jeanine and André Chatonnet purchased Chãteau Haut-Chaigneau. The estate is located in Néac, which belongs to the Pomerol appellation. The grape varieties cultivated are Merlot (for roundness and fleshiness), Cabernet Franc (for finesse and complexity and Malbec (for power and aromatic intensity).

Today the winery is run by Pascal (the alchemist of wine), André (doctor of the vine) and Jeanine, who takes care of everything in between.