Villa Sandahl

Description / History

Villa Sandahl is a highly respected winery in Hungary, appliying the same state of art winemaking practices as in Alsace. Started by two Swedish brothers, Villa Sandahl found the Rhine Riesling grape to best match terrior and climate in Badacsony. It is the only grape they cultivate.
Their hard work has crowned them King of Riesling in Badacsony. The wines continue to gain recognition and now seem to be the Number 1 Rhine Riesling producer in Hungary. Hungarian Sommeliers even named Villa Sandahl > Best Winery in Hungary 2020 <.

The objective is to create outstanding wine. Grapes for such wines have to come from outstanding vineyards, like to volcanic and mineral vineyards in Badacsony.

The labels on the wines are very unique. Christer Sandahl, Owner, introduces a new concept with every Vintage. It is time to explore the beauty of Hungarian Riesling.


Par Excellence Award by the Hungarian Sommelier Association, 2021

Best White Wine, Rabbit Periscope 2017, Winewriters Choice at the 5th annual Hungarian Wine Grand Prix