Wassmann Winery

Description / History

Susann and Ralf produce natural wines from their location in Villány. The estate is certified organic and certified Biodynimic by Demeter since 2011.
The 1,5 hectare vineyards are run just by the two of them. It started in 1998 when Susann and Ralf moved from Germany after finding their own organic wine estate. Villány was world renowned before the the two world wars. It has since tried to regain its status, yet it is still awaiting its redicovery.

All wines are absolutely handcrafted, vegan, unfined and unfiltered. One is without added sulfur and all the others are only sulfurized as absolutely necessary to maintain the fruity, elegant character of the wines. Apart from minimal sulfur, no other substances or additives are used.

Wines are exclusive and have the best references:
The wines are listed in all Budapest Michelin star restaurants and in the Berlin two-star restaurant Horváth.

The Gault & Millau Hungary Wine Guide described Wassmann as the following:
“The first organic wine estate in Villány was founded by Susann Hanauer and Ralf Waßmann from Germany. Their wines characterize an extraordinarily good balance, elegance and a distinctive style. … The Wassmann winery is already undeniably one of the best wineries in Villány.”