Description / History

Petra and Kata are running the family business out of Tokaj. The late father started working the vineyards as a break from the daily office work in 2005. He turned it into a winery stretching across different terrains in the country of 19 hectares vineyard.

Petra and Kata produce wine only with their own grapes. They know the secret to good wine is diligent care, exceptional soil and proper selection of grape varieties. The range offered today from Zsirai Winery is focused on the Tokaj region.

The climate and terrain in Tokaj allows for many microclimates. It is especially ideal to the most renowned Tokaj wine, Tokaji Aszú. The long sunny summers paired with the humid fall creates perfect conditions for the socalled Noble Rot. The local fungi flora concetrates the sugar and acidity in the grape making Tokaj sweet wine very balanced and capable of maintaining fruitiness for a long time.

The varieties permitted for Zsirai Winery to use in its production is Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály and Zéta. Tokaj wine is know for more than its sweet wines. White wines coming out of this regions are excellent. You can expect high acidity, excellent structure and charismatic aromas from the dry white wines.

Petra and Kata have received recognition for their quality in both their Aszú and white


National Wine Excellence Program (2015)

  • Somlai 2012

Tibor Gál Award – Young winemaker of the year 2018

Berliner Wine Trophy 2021

  • Tokaji Furmint 2018 Középhegy – gold medal
  • Tokaji Furmint 2018 Betsek – gold medal
  • Tokaji Szamorodni 2019 – gold medal
  • Tokaji Aszú 2017 – gold medal