Cantine Silvestri

Description / History

‘The pride of my family’ says Alfredo as he presents the bottle of Spumante Silvestri Brut. Alfredo Silvestri is a softspoken and courteous Roman that with care and unblemished pride serves the sparkling wine. He is obviously proud and with good reason.

The story began nearly a century ago with Alfredo’s grandfather. Cantine Silvestri is the oldest producer of sparkling wines in central Italy. Recently the Silvestri family has been joined by the Paris family, winemakers of four generations, and a new generation has come to life to bring the tradition of into the future. Besides their excellent sparkling wines, the winery presents still wines that are both traditional of the region as well as international varieties.

From Lazio you can now enjoy a lovely range of wine. Indeed, the Spumante Silvestri Brut is the flagship wine for a reason. What a fantastic wine at an incredibly good price.