Description / History

Since 1950 the Randi family has been producing wine in Romagna. It is placed in a fertile land between Tuscany and Veneto. The winery owns 64 hectares of vineyards growing indegenous varieties such as Famoso, Longanesi and Malbo Gentile.

In 2021 the owners Massimo and Denis achieved organic certification. The vision of protecting this unique and fruitful soil is the cornerstone of the sustainable strategy laid out by the brothers. it includes mechanical weeding, fighting disease with natural remmedies, research and protection of the vines.

Of the indigenous grapes, Uva Longanesi, is an ancient grape has been found just 20km away from Ravenna in a pine forest. It came to the region during the Roman Empire, mostl likely originated from the Middle-East.

The Famoso grape is called the ‘Traminer of Romagna’. It is very aromatic, and fresh. In Lugo, a neighboring town, a document was found discussing the Famoso grape back in 1437. That would mean it was grown in Medieval times.