What is Talha Wine?

Talha means Amphora. Talha wine is a wine making method inherited from the Romans. It was brought to Portugal over 2 millennia ago by the Romans and it is today an important symbol of Alentejo wine making. It is simply the region that preserved the method best and has become a cultural heritage. It embodies huge Talhas (clay pots) s in which the wine ferments.

The Talhas are actually such a staple, that any Alentejo vine grower has their own talhinha (small talha). It allows for a simpler way to produce your own wine.

So, what happens? When the bunches reach the winery after harvest, the grapes are seperated from the stalks and crushed. The pulp is then placed inside the Talha where it is ferment spontaneously. Every day for the next 10-15 days the juices have to be stirred to break up the Manta – which is a layer forming at the top of the Talha of the skins. The Talhas are able to keep a consistent temperature of 17-18 degrees when cooled a few times a day, by wetting it. A cloth is placed around the Talha to let the clay absorb the water and hereby control the fermentation process.

Since each Talha is slightly different, you may also get slightly different wines from each of the clay pots. What they all have in common, is that the wines come out fruit-forward and fresh.

On our platform you can purchase these exciting an unique wines from our friends at Honrado Vineyards. Next time visiting Portugal make it a priority to visit Ruben and his family for a real Talha Wine Experience.

Talhas at Honrado Vineyards

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