Sylvie Fahrer & Fils

Description / History

In 4 generations winegrowers of the Sylvie Fahrer & Fils family has been creating wines in Alsace.
They are Independent Winegroweers in Organic Agriculture since 1932!
Raphaël is managing the winery and has 11 hectares available to him. The 11 hectares are spread across 7 different terroirs. The soils are based on granite, clay, limestone and marl.

The approach in the vineyard is to become a part of the ecosystem. That means, no more plowing, only mowing or rolling. Vine friendly fungi are cultivated amongst the vines to reduce the risk of vine-ravaging fungi. Additionally, Raphaël has instituted a concept calle agroforestry. It embodies the concept of becoming a part of the ecosystem, so flora and fauna can develop as nature allows it to. Fruit trees, roses and hedges has been planted around the vineyards to stay true to the sustainable vision.

History, knowledge, biodiversity, sustanability and 7 different terroirs – Raphaël and his mother Sylvie are doing everything right to provide you a memorable experience. Enjoy